Monday, September 17, 2007

Catholic Quotes on the Bible

"It is the teaching of the Church that the Old Testament Scriptures were transferred to her ownership by Christ himself in view of her position as the new 'Israel of God' and the heir of the Old Testment promises; and that the New Testament Scriptures being written within the Church by some of its members for the benefit of all (or more precisely, within the society of Catholic Church by Catholics and for Catholics), are likewise her exclusive property, of which she is the absolute Owner, Guardian, Trustee and Interpreter."

-A Catholic Commentary on Holy Scripture, 1951 (pg 8)
with imprimatur and acknowledgment of Pope Pius XII

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Anonymous said...

Hi! I have just stumbled on your blog and have spent a few minutes reading some of your archives. Although I can say that I do not necessarily agree with your p.o.v., I just have to let you know that I appreciate that you seem to "stick with the facts". I have not found one link to,, or any other website along that line. Thank you so much for that.