Wednesday, July 12, 2006

The Rules of Comment

1. The comments may or may not be moderated depending on the behavior of my commenters. I prefer not to moderate so please behave yourself.

2. Don’t log in as “anonymous”. Give yourself a name so that you can be addressed in reply comments.

3. Be nice. Attack the premises of posts/comments, not the poster/commenter. If your intent seems to be to simply malign me or another commenter, your comment will not be posted or will be deleted.

4. Don’t expect me to respond to your comments. I don’t have the time or desire to answer everyone.

5. If you get no response to your comment, don’t claim victory. Silence does not imply that I cannot answer – see #4.

6. I will post or remove comments as I wish. If I feel that you are purposely insulting me or someone else or just engaging in childish behavior (see #3), I may not post your comment or will delete it (if not under moderation).

7. Don’t copy and paste large sections of text from other websites. If you cannot make your own arguments, then don’t bother commenting. Links and smaller quotes are fine.

8. Don’t use the term “anti-Catholic”.

9. At any time, feel free to email me if commenting is an issue.