Monday, June 18, 2007

The Appeal of the RCC

I enjoyed this post on Challies: The Appeal of Roman Catholicism.

Eventually the RC apologists will show up and then the comment section should be interesting.

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jswranch said...

'RC apologists'? Please, I prefer 'Recovering-protestant'. Either way, it is good to have you back Carrie. You and Ellen are always in our prayers.

Lets get started shall we....

It is my experience that the people who make this transition are not people who are simply Bible teachers or students of the Bible but are people who are enamored by philosophy.
-Perhaps Tim Challies should go to and check out some of these reasons why from the horses' mouthes. He might be suprised to find out that about 2 Protestant Pastors/Theologians become Catholic every week over the last 15 years (~1,500 last 15 years). Also note Patty Bonds, who is the sister of James White.

When a Catholic becomes protestant, it is usually a layman these days who was never taught the faith and was not converted to Christ. These folks often become anti-Catholic, misportray the Church, and somehow thinks the Church teaches a basic verbal faith of going through the motions is sufficient. However, when a Protestant becomes Catholic, they are usually Protestant scholars and leaders like this guy, , who used to be the president of the Evangelical Theological Society.

Before my wife and I became Catholic, we had no experiece in philosphy. We now go to Catholic bible studies, fellowship groups, etc full of ex-Protestants.

Most Protestants are not sufficiently educated in church history to refute or even to disbelieve these claims.
-That is because it is true. Please name me 4 Protestants who lived between 100-300 AD. Support your answer. Every wonder why you don't hear much preaching about the writtings and beliefs of the Christians who were fed to the lions? It is because they were Catholic. Protestantism didn't invent itself for a few more hundred years.

The Roman Catholic Church offers a kind of security that is missing in Protestantism.
-Yep, you have relativism in Protestantism, where each person decides what the truth is. Imagine if the apostles had adopted this attitude when deciding issues such as circumcision. Thank God they are Catholic.

It is important that Protestants know Catholicism as it really as rather than being taught a mere caricature.
-Hint. Hint. Also, most articles by TIME or Yahoo news are often mere caricature.

I think, though, that the ultimate reason is this: the Roman Catholic Church may well be Satan's greatest masterpiece.
-Either the Catholic Church is the masterpiece of Satan and his greatest trick, or it is fully Christ established/H.S. run and an individual's salvation is in jepardy for not being in full communion (which makes all other 'churches' the whore of Babylon). No two options here.

Catholicism manages to offer enough grace to give it a semblance of biblical orthodoxy, yet still attributes to man a portion of the work necessary to save himself.
-Perhaps he needs to go back and read his own words about the need for Protestants to, 'know Catholicism as it really as rather than being taught a mere caricature.' Pick up a free Scott Hahn (former PCA) CD and learn just how grace based Catholicism is. What is he is missing is the power God shares with man once he is born again.

Yet it also requires works so it can also be fairly said that it is a religion of works.
-For some reason, we keep thinking faith without works is dead. See verses like Col 1:24 and 1 Tim 5:8 keep us there. While you are at it, show me ONE verse that says we will be JUDGED by our faith alone.

Yet preventing people from being attracted to Rome really should be remarkably easy.
-Right. Please show me why it is a good idea to throw books out of the bible. (Hint: check out how many books are in the 1495 Guttenberg bible, Luther was 13 years old at the time. He threw them out in about 1521.) I suppose it is easy to confuse them and never allow Catholicism to speak for herself.

It was when I, my wife, and many others read the bible for ourselves that we became Catholic. Heck the Catholic Church decided which books belong in the bible.

We need Christians to simply teach the Word...
-His fallible interpretation of scriptures.

to teach Christian doctrine...
-His one version of the Reformation doctrines among thousands which are only a few hundered years old.

and to provide the historical context that will show that it is the invisible church, the true believers, who are the true successors of the Apostles.
-Which dont exist. Please provide three people from 100-800AD who claim to be such successors.

invisible church
-Please show me the words 'invisible church' in the bible.

Here is my top 5 list on why ProtoEvanBapUtheran ministers become Catholic:

1. Truth.
2. Grace of God.
3. Read the bible for themselves. Read the early church for themselves.
4. Stop listening to the lies told about Catholicism.
5. Stop focusing in on a fallible interpretation of one or two verses then basing all other exegisis around it, and begin to interpret scripture in context of all scripture.

My wife adds:
6. They get tired when they realize they personally are the ones who are deciding what the truth is.